Debt and Retirement

I was listening to a radio show over the weekend that takes callers and the host(s) try to answer their specific questions. One particular caller got me thinking about today’s post. This caller was an older woman, about 63, who had about $20k in consumer debt and still had about 100k on her mortgage. Her …

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The Questions of FIRE

Over the past few years I have been an avid consumer of a variety of personal finance blogs, retirement calculators, and stories about obtaining financial security. I subscribe to several blogs, recommend several on my own blogroll (although I need to update this a bit), watch YouTube videos, and listen to a daily podcast on …

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We Need to Redefine Retirement

I have stated in this blog that my financial journey is about creating financial independence, not retiring early. Early retirement is a big theme among many personal finance bloggers, as well as paying off debt. Mr. Money Mustache (one of my favorite PF bloggers) has an entire “cult” of people who want to retire early. MMM shows …

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