2019 Financial Goals

Over the past month or so I have really neglected this blog. My apologies for doing so. I think it is probably a combination of the end of the semester, trying to do my own academic writing (which was sort of successful), and just the fact that I don’t think I have anything interesting to …

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A lot of you probably heard about the market downturn last week. In just over two days, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 1300 points or about 4.5%. The other major stock market indices didn’t do much better. Both the Nasdaq, S&P 500, Russell 2000 Index and others all got walloped last week. It …

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Debt and Retirement

I was listening to a radio show over the weekend that takes callers and the host(s) try to answer their specific questions. One particular caller got me thinking about today’s post. This caller was an older woman, about 63, who had about $20k in consumer debt and still had about 100k on her mortgage. Her …

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