Your Generosity

Your Generosity

As we all know it is the Christmas season and we all hear stories about people stressed about buying presents, traveling, dealing with in-laws, work, etc. You will also see stories about how to get through the holidays without spending a ton of money or living on a budget or whatever it is. And you can certainly find this theme on the personal finance blogs that I read. With all of the consumerist messaging about what presents to buy or how to keep from going broke we don’t hear enough stories about the generosity of our fellow human beings this time of year or for the entire year. So I would love to have people comment and tell me about the generosity they experience in their own lives whether it is given or received. It can be monetary, giving of your time, your talent, your experiences, whatever. Also, if you have a story where you have received enormous generosity I would love to have you put it in the comment section of this blog post.

Just to start things off and I don’t know if this is really generous but one of the things that I love and feel very fortunate to have been a part of for the past five years is that I am part of the Big Brother, Big Sister program. My lil bro is named Zach and he is a fantastic kid. We have been “brothers” for the past four years. He is a typical teenager. He likes video games, girls, football, movies. music, etc. Zach’s family is fairly typical. He has a mother and father in his life who are great. He has wonderful grandparents and an extended family. We primarily go to the movies together and he tells me things and asks for advice that he can’t necessarily ask his mom or grandparents for.  Zach likes to joke that I am the oldest white man he has ever met.

I first met Zach when he was 12. I am not sure why I decided to be part of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, but it is a great organization and I encourage anyone to become a Big Brother or Sister. Even if you feel you older. I mean I am old enough to be Zach’s dad, but at least once a month for the past four years we hang out and just have a good time. i guess you can say that I have been generous with my time with Zach, but he has given me so much more than I have ever given him. Even though we primarily go to movies I know he has impacted my life for the better.

Zach has been generous enough to share his life with me and vice versa. It has been a great gift to me on his behalf and I hope he feels the same. I admit, however, I always feel like I can/should do more. Perhaps there is/will be more that I can do, but for now it is just great to have a kid like Zach who is my ‘lil.

So what are your stories of generosity? How have you received generosity from others?

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