What the ROB’s Are Getting Each Other For Christmas

What the ROB’s Are Getting Each Other For Christmas

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone. If you are reading this this early then somehow you have recovered from your turkey coma. We had a fairly laid back Thanksgiving and spent it would a couple of friends. Mrs. ROB whipped up some of her famous deserts and it was delicious. We spent the rest of the day calling family and watching football.  If I really had my way this year Mrs. ROB and I would’ve been abroad for Christmas, like we have done in past years, but the bathroom and some other expenses have stopped that reality from happening.

At 6pm, or midnight depending on where you life, millions of Americans will engage in the post Thanksgiving ritual of Black Friday. I have never understood waiting in line to pick up a TV for $100 of whatever it is. That said, I do love going to the mall at Christmas. Call it total consumerism, but there is something nostalgic about it. I enjoy watching people shopping, the stores being busy, seeing Santa Claus, going to a movie, etc. But I don’t personally like to buy a lot of gifts that involve toys and the like. I certainly splurge at Christmas, but I prefer to give experiences, etc.

For example, I bought my parents cable when I was in graduate school. I went my entire childhood without MTV, HBO, etc. And it wasn’t like my parents needed it, but I know that my mom wanted to watch some TV shows that she couldn’t get and my dad, for whatever reason, didn’t want to call the cable company. I shouldn’t be surprised by my parents they still don’t have a shower in their house. My parents bathe by taking baths so they are little old school.

Ever since then I have really focused on giving more experiences to people. That experience could be a wine basket, tickets to a ball game, concert, or some other event, or just good old gift cards.

My gift giving to Mrs. ROB is different. I often try to do something special at Christmas. That could be a piece of jewelry or a handbag, but I try to be somewhat innovative. Of course, there is her practical side too. The very first major gift I got Mrs. ROB was a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

Now before you start throwing eggs at the screen Mrs. ROB wanted the Dyson. In fact, she asked for it well in advance and we still use it almost 8 years later. So I buy things she WANTS and what she tells me, not stuff that is just good for the house.

Fast forward to Christmas 2017.

This year we are going to do something a little different. Mrs. ROB and I both spend a bit of money on each other each year. However, because of unexpected expenses we decided to buy something for each other this year and save a little money. So our gift to ourselves is…….drumroll!

We are REFINISHING THE BATHTUB AND TILE in our main bathroom.

Big surprise huh (yes I can see eyeroll from your computer screens).

This is actually something that we have wanted to do for a long-time.

When we bought our house three years ago we noticed something unique about the upstairs bathroom. First, there was tile all around. And I mean ALL around. There was tile on the floor, walls, and ceiling. They tiled the ENTIRE bathroom. Now I know they did it because they didn’t want to put a fan in the bathroom, but it was certainly unique for us. I have never seen a bathroom like that and haven’t since. And some of the tile was in rough shape. Secondly, we also noticed that the ceramic tub was chipping and peeling. It needed to be refinished badly. However, for 3 years we haven’t done anything about it.

So this Christmas, instead of giving each other bobbles, socks, shoes, etc, we are going to reglaze our tub and tile, at least in the shower.

I haven’t gotten any estimates for this yet because of our crazy work schedules, but I am calling folks this week for what I hope is a job that is about $800.

That is why Mrs. ROB and I probably would’ve spent on each other so now we can finish a project on our to do list for the house. Slowly, but surely, we are trying to make this house into our own.

In terms of our other gift giving I am sure we will probably do what we have in the past: give tickets, gift cards, wine baskets, and other things.

So how do you all do your Christmas shopping/giving?

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4 thoughts on “What the ROB’s Are Getting Each Other For Christmas

  1. Hey, I’m old school,and well old. But I’m also a competitive tennis player and endurance runner and being over sixty I hurt somewhere, sometimes everywhere, all .. the .. time. So weird it may be but I also take baths! Helps soak those muscles. Great post and Merry Christmas!

  2. Well, baths can certainly be good. However, I worry about my parents age and getting in and out of the tub. Besides, if they redid the bathroom it would make the house more valuable. My dad has talked about doing it for over 20 years, but still hasn’t pulled the trigger. I am not sure why considering how handy he is. Who knows. Best to you!

  3. This is wonderful! One year, we got each other new toilets for the holidays and installed them ourselves. It might have been nice to jet off somewhere but financial futures and relationships aren’t built on spending money needlessly. Need is not the same as desire, of course……

    1. Thanks Tom. This is something that we really wanted done and it isn’t that expensive, but we would’ve certainly liked to have jetted off to somewhere nice (e.g. Ireland or Bermuda like Hoppmann).

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