What Are Your Financial Dream(s)?

What Are Your Financial Dream(s)?

I hope that all of us dream a bit. We dream of becoming a world star athlete or the President of the United States (ok, maybe that is only me). Maybe we dream about becoming an actor or someone who was featured on MTV Cribs. We all, hopefully, have dreams that can be grandiose but potentially could happen. Last week I asked what you would do with an extra $100,000? So this week I want to ask what is/are your financial dreams?

And I want to distinguish between dreams and goals. To me dreams are things that are a bit far afield. It isn’t that it might not be attainable, but it is really kind of shoot for the moon stuff. For me, goal should be attainable. They should be measurable. You should be able to get to them in a particular time frame (days, months, and even years). At the beginning of this year I set out some financial goals for 2017. And I am doing ok at achieving them. I want you to think bigger. What is your financial dream(s)?

What Is My Financial Dream?

I suppose I could just say what many people would say is that I want to be rich. But I hate that idea. What does it mean to be rich? What does it mean to be successful? We all have different ideas of what that is. I think having all kinds of money would be nice. I know Mrs. ROB would love it. I am not so sure I would. I want financial independence. I want to be able to dictate my time. I want financial freedom. However, I can get that without being “rich.” I even declared my financial independence day. But being financially independent doesn’t mean that I will be able to buy what I want when I want it (which to me doesn’t sound like that much fun anyway. It would get old after a while. Traveling constantly. Now that is a different story).

I even asked Mrs. ROB when she thought we would be “rich.” Her answer is $3 million. I don’t know when/if we will have $3 million and if we do it probably will be worth about 1/2 of what it is now. Certainly, not enough to just go and buy a Bentley.

So that brings me to my financial dream. As I get older it does change a bit. I have found over the years that I value experiences and memories over things. I don’t like clutter. I don’t like not using things if I buy them. I find it to be useless junk. That is probably why I will drive my car into the ground. I don’t want a fleet of them. I want a house where I can use the rooms in question. I am not much of a gardener. The only reason I would like a bigger yard is for our dog.

So taking all of that into account my financial dream is…..drumroll (or eyeroll)…….

A House On the Water (Lake or Ocean….preferably Ocean)

Big dream huh?

Living in New England for the past decade has opened my eyes to something that I love. I love being near the water. I love hearing the waves crash on the beach. I love the smell of the sea. This is probably engrained into me because I am from Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes (and there really are 10,000. It is more like 15,000 depending on how you measure a lake. But I want to own a property and live near water.

Here my readers you are probably thinking about some white-sandy beach or something. That wouldn’t be so bad, particularly if it was in the Caribbean. I could become fluent in Spanish again, which would be great.

However, just sitting by the beach all day, while appealing, isn’t all that appealing to me. I never said I just want to sit by the beach and just veg out. What I want to do is hear the water every morning. Watch the storms roll in off or over the water. Go out on a boat fishing or even expose this body to the elements and go swimming.

I want to have a house near the water. I would prefer that house be right on the water, but it doesn’t have to be a white sandy beach. I actually love the New England coast line (e.g. Maine) of rocky shoals and inlets. There is something extremely peaceful about hearing waves crash on rocks and watching the tide go out and smelling the sea.

I would take a lake cabin, however. In fact, I wouldn’t mind both. I would actually love to get to the point sometime in the future where I could just take off a month or two in the summer and go to my home state, rent a cabin, and have family and friends come visit us. That way we can just enjoy the summer.

Ultimately, my dream is live in a house (it could be a condo I suppose) on the water. To make this happen realistically it would probably be somewhere in the United States; somewhere that is a cheaper cost of living; somewhere this is a primary home; somewhere that would be affordable and not a million dollar home (again nice) but not needed. I wouldn’t even mind living up on a cliff where you could walk to the edge of the property, look down, and see the ocean. I am still near/on the water I guess (I think about Ireland’s coastline for this image).

So now that I have told you mine. What is/are your financial dreams? And be specific.

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