We Are on CBS This Morning

We Are on CBS This Morning

While I have not publicly revealed Mrs. ROB’s name to my audience anyone who follows my blog on Facebook will know who she is. Mrs. ROB (Amber) and I were interviewed by CBS This Morning to determine how the tax bill might affect us. Amber, who used to be a former TV producer, got to get back in the old TV groove again when the crew was in our house. And, as always, she gets the best and final word.



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  1. Good appearance. Amber certainly had quite the look for you.

    Of course, the savings are about $12 per week, which is likely to not be very noticeable. That is likely to be what happens psychologically to a lot of people. They will see a slight increase in their paychecks, and say, “Is that it?” The size of the cut is pretty similar to the Social Security tax holiday that President Obama gave folks to help stimulate the economy after the Financial Industry Meltdown. Most folks hardly noticed, largely because most people think in the here-and-now and not in the aggregate long term.

    I would have much preferred a 24.5% corporate tax rate, instead of 21%. In terms of the 3.5% difference, have 1% more go to tax relief for those under $250,000 and use the other 2.5% for infrastructure. We need to stimulate demand across a broad cross-section of people, not further concentrate wealth in the hands of a small number. Give more tax relief and create jobs for infrastructure rebuild would help stimulate the economy, and pay for much-needed infrastructure.

  2. Yes, she gave me a look, but in my defense I had checked out multiple calculators and got conflicting information. Moreover, they didn’t include a lot of the other stuff we discussed that we both agreed upon.

  3. Congrats on your appearance. It was interesting to see that all of the families ended up with a net savings on their tax bill. I didn’t think that would happen. Congrats again!!!

    1. Yeah, it was definitely interesting considering the different calculators I looked at had conflicting number, which is what I told Mrs. ROB hence her reaction. However, it was all in good fun. That said, I would have made major tweaks to the tax bill if I had passed it.

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