Tweeting My Favorite Blog Post

Tweeting My Favorite Blog Post

One of my favorite personal finance blogs is Steve over at Think.Save.Retire. Steve and his wife are on a mission to completely retire by February of 2017. They have already achieved significant traction by selling both their homes, buying an Airstream to live in and have begun to make weekend and/or longer trips to see the country.

I admire their dedication quite a bit and the fact that they live in an Airstream (I don’t know if I could do that). Recently, Steve offered to tweet bloggers favorite post. Wanting to up my readership I put a link out in Steve’s comment section and he tweeted the blog post out yesterday. Note that he is posting a bunch of posts from different blogs. Check out his Twitter account for my post and more.

Thanks to Steve for doing this valuable service.

The blog post I had him tweet was one that I have not seen on any other personal finance blog (yay me!). It is on Secular Bull and Bear Markets and why we should pay attention to them.


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