The Stock Market Sky is Falling?

The Stock Market Sky is Falling?

In the past couple of weeks the Dow Jones has dropped from its all-time high. The last 3 days it has dropped almost 1800 points. That is almost 8% off of its highs in just 2 weeks.

Some people are panicking. Some people are heading for the exits. Some people are rethinking about investing.

My message to all of those people.


Last week, I wrote a blog post about how to not time the stock market. The same holds true.

For those people who are panicking I think this should put things in perspective.

The stock market has gone up 400% from its low on March 6, 2009.

In the past 15 months it has gone up 40%.

In the past 2 years it has gone up 50%.

For those of you who stayed invested we have had a WONDERFUL run. And it is possible that we will go into a bear market, which would be a decline of 20%.

But remember a couple of years ago when we had the WORST 10 days for the start of January ever. We were down 7% or so and people were panicking then. Yet we ended that year up over 20%.

What I am telling you is DON’T PANIC. Don’t sell all of your investments and head to the exits.

Hold fast. You will be fine.

The market could go down 20% from here or more. It is possible. Hell it is possible we have another bear market, but ask me if it will be that way in 10 years? NOPE. I think we will be much higher than we are today.

For those of you invested you should do it for the long-term. Be Ron Popeil. Set it and Forget it!

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