The Results of My $200 Budget Experiment

The Results of My $200 Budget Experiment

A couple of weeks ago I put out a goal of only spending $200 on food and entertainment while Mrs. ROB was busy visiting her family. The results after she was gone for two weeks was a total spending of $264.02.

Now before you go thinking that I didn’t meet my goal I actually did. That $264 was my TOTAL spending for the full two weeks. That $264 included $53 on gas and $20 for a co-payment for a doctor appointment I had. The rest of that money broke down to $45 for movies, $135 for food and $11 for food for the dog (I ran out of dog food and treats).

Now I was admit I did cheat a little bit. For example, I went to a movie and I used a $25 gift card that I hadn’t used in over a year. Moreover, I used a $25 gift card to Target that I hadn’t used in a while, but that was primarily food/treats/toys for the dog. We spoil him a little. So my total spending including gift cards was just over $300 and if we put that spending for me it amounts to about $210. So you could say that I didn’t stay in my budget.

However, that $200 budget included dining out on at least a half-dozen occasions, five movies (with refreshments), a baseball game (we have a minor league baseball team in town), and several nighttime walks (free) as I explored our neighborhood.

I am most proud of the fact that I cooked pheasant for the first time and did a darn tooting good job. I am not a good cook, but I was able to make this happen. I actually cooked most of my meals at home and used most of what we had in our freezer and refrigerator. We need to restock our food stores, but it was overall a pretty good success. Now I have to figure out what my next challenge is.

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