The ROB Blog’s Profits Revealed

The ROB Blog’s Profits Revealed

I got into writing this blog just under three years ago because I wanted a forum where I could write about my experience paying off debt and potentially help others with personal finance. Helping others with their finances had become an important part of my life as I was trying to improve my own. I also started this blog because my wife was tired of listening to me drone on about financial topics so this was a way for me to express my ideas without her having to listen to them all of the time.

Prior to starting this blog I began reading the personal finance blogs of several other people. Some of those blogs are still here and some are gone. Over the past couple of years a few of those blogs have grown in size and I would assume in income. Those blogs make money from advertisements, affiliate links, and other items. It became a legitimate side hustle for a lot of people.

A couple of years ago I decided to add some ads to my blogs and about 2 months I ago I began dipping my toe into the affiliate space link. An affiliate link is where you click on an item I promote on this blog (you can find it under Other Good Stuff) and if you buy a product (books) then I get a small fee for you buying that book. I thought maybe if this blog caught on that I might actually be able to monetize it in some respect. I mean who doesn’t dream about taking something that is a passion (and personal finance is a passion for me, particularly helping others).

Coincidentally, I renewed my domain name for this blog and also my subscription to Blue host, which is the company that hosts my blog. I renewed it for three years (not sure if I will be around that long) and I think it came to over $350. Moreover, I think I have spent another $200-$300 on this blog (e.g. getting the domain name and the like).

After a recent blog post someone asked me how much money I had made from the blog. There are a number of bloggers who have made six figures per year from their blog in some way shape or from.

So the question becomes how much money have I made from the blog?


I have made no money whatsoever. In fact, it has cost me money to run this blog (about $200 a year). Technically, my ads have generated about $75 at Google Ad Sense, but they don’t send you a check until you hit $100. Well I have had ads on this blog for at least 18 months, if not longer.

So I have not made any money.

Part of that reason is that I don’t have the traffic that some other bloggers do. My subscriptions have jumped up recently because a couple of my articles have been featured. And I am grateful for the fact that different people have decided to subscribe to the blog. In fact, I am ecstatic, but it hasn’t necessarily led to more money.

Another reason is that I haven’t taken a lot of time to try to monetize the blog. I fully admit I am not a big tech person and learning how to create affiliate links and other things is, to me, a bit boring. I would rather write an article or read other blogs or watch bad YouTube videos. If I took the time to learn how (and I am going to try a little more) then maybe I could make some more money, but so far I haven’t invested a lot of time into it. For example, when I write a blog post it usually only takes me about 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour. It is just a stream of consciousness that I am able to harness and put down my thoughts.

A final reason is that this blog has never been about making money. Now that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to make this blog a forum where I could monetize it. I mean I have spent hundreds of hours on this blog I would certainly like to reap a financial reward. The truth is I do this because I like it. Even if it costs me money. It is a hobby, not a money making adventure.

Maybe someday it will be. I would love it to be, but I will probably have to do some other things in order to get there (and I am willing to listen to those who have monetized their blogs for advice) but in the interim I plan on just continuing to write posts and hope you continue to read.

If I ever do make money I am sure I will let you know. In the interim, I do it because I like it and I hope you like some of the content that has been produced.

5 thoughts on “The ROB Blog’s Profits Revealed

  1. So, here’s an idea. At the Economics, Communication and Society business meeting at NCA, propose a panel about faculty and personal finance, particularly about 1) how there is a need for communication faculty to become more aware of this and 2) where sources are (besides one’s campus) to get that information. If, along the way, your blog gets mentioned, so much the better.

    1. I definitely like that idea. Only problem is that I won’t be at NCA this year. Although I think it would be a great panel and something we need to talk about more. I think we need to get an idea of the kind of financial literacy among teachers and then create programming to help them out, particularly as more and more schools get away from pensions.

  2. Hi Rob. “Answer: ZERO! NADA! ZIP! ZILCH!”

    Same here. But no worries . . . I wonder more about – “Is there anybody out there.” Are people reading? Do they care? But again, no worries for me. I like the journaling and reflection aspect.

    The cynic in me also wonders if anyone out there is really real and making anything at all. lol.

    Hope things are well.

  3. Things are well. And I feel the same way. Is anybody listening? Are we helping people? But talking about this stuff does help. At least I get it off my chest. Your latest blog post is on my reading list this afternoon.

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