The Dishwasher Blues

The Dishwasher Blues

Last week I wrote about the debacle with our dishwasher. I think the housing gods are paying me back for saying that I loved home ownership in an earlier post.

Anyway, last week we got a new dishwasher and it was supposed to be installed yesterday. I had a crappy day at work so this was going to be a welcome treat coming home to the sound of clean dishes without mold. But when I arrived the housing gods seemed to be laughing again. As I walked into the door Mrs. ROB and the installation guy alerted me to a problem.

Since we bought the house we noticed that the previous owners, we suspect, were DIYers when they remodeled the kitchen a few years earlier. We could tell that they used IKEA cabinets because the letter stickers were still in some of the cabinets and in the upstairs bathroom the caulk for the vanity wasn’t on right. Yet we discovered a bigger problem last night.

Apparently, the previous owners must have also tried to do wiring and installing the dishwasher. They put an electric junction box right above a water pipe (smart move) and when doing the wiring they somehow shifted things around that it made it impossible for our installation guy to move the wires.

So in order for us to install the dishwasher we have to move the wiring into a new junction box, which means hiring an electrician and cutting into some drywall in the basement.

In other words, I have to spend a few hundred extra dollars to get this done right because there is no way Mrs. ROB or I could do it. And our installation guy, who is really nice and not going to charge us for the extra work, couldn’t get to the wiring because of some drywall. Thus, the need to hire a professional.

So remember when I said I loved home ownership? Not so much lately. I just hope that we can get this solved in the next week. Until then we are hand washing dishes and eating sandwiches.

Update: Well, the electricians finished the work. However, it cost extra because they had to totally redo some wiring. Additionally, they found that we need a new electric control panel because the one we have has too much power going to it, something which wasn’t brought to our attention during the home inspection.

And the kicker was the electricians tried to install the dishwasher and it wouldn’t work. They say their electrical work is up to par, but the dishwasher, for whatever reason, won’t work. So we have to schedule the technician to come back on Friday.

Electrician=$575, Jason and Mrs. ROB=0. Future panel repairs=$2500.

Did I mention how much that luster of home ownership is wearing off :).

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