Snow Fatigue or Why I Want to Move to the Caribbean

Snow Fatigue or Why I Want to Move to the Caribbean

Forgive the rant or more of a woe is me post. Yesterday I shoveled out from another snowstorm for over six hours. To say the least I am tired and not really into doing anything else at the moment.

In the past three weeks we have received almost six feet of snow. in Boston, not far from where we live they have received 7 feet. I, like many of my friends, in New England are sick of it. We have snow fatigue. Over the past three weeks I think I have spent at least 4 to 6 hours of my time, each snowstorm digging out.

You might ask well don’t you have a snow blower? Why yes we do. But it is buried in the shed behind four feet of snow and difficult to get too. Plus, we have such a narrow driveway it is hard for me to justify getting out the snow blower to move snow around and create more drifts particularly when they are seven feet high.

I jokingly tell Mrs. ROB that we should’ve bought a town house or a condo. At least I wouldn’t have to shovel as much. I am kidding, for the most part, but as I get older I seriously think more and more about wanting to buy a place down south, like way south in Mexico or the Caribbean. My actual dream is buy with some friends and we could share the place. Close to the ocean, travel with people, etc.

This probably won’t happen anytime soon because we have a ton of debt to pay off, but this snow fatigue is fueling dreams of palm trees, golf courses, ocean breezes, and cool umbrella drinks. So I guess my final question is who wants to go in and buy a place where its warm? As long as its near water I am good (preferably the sea/ocean). Who’s with me?

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  1. Puerto Rico. All the pizazz of a mildly exotic foreign island with all of the pleasant benefits of a stable U.S. regulatory regime.

    1. Oh, I would love to go someday and maybe we will buy a place! I just want to be like you and live abroad and potentially work.

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