Reflecting on What I Have

Reflecting on What I Have

Over the past month or so it seems I have been putting forward more bad news than good. I mean with the tax mess, not hitting my goals for the month of March, being a little behind on my debt payments, and future expenses that will cause a bit of a headache for Mrs. ROB and I. All of that said, I think it is time I take stock of where I am, in general, in life. So like I often do when I am walking the dog I think about where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. Conclusion: I have a pretty damn good life.

Here are just of some of things I thought of this morning:

1) I have never been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime (unless you count a traffic ticket or two)

2) I have a great job where I get to interact with smart people on a daily basis.

3) I have more education than most in the world.

4) I am a published author many times over and plan on continuing to publish, including two books I am trying to work on now.

5) I just bought a house for the first time and I am not underwater on it.

6) I am paying my mortgage off at a specific rate where I will have it paid off by the time I am 55 or sooner (hopefully by 50).

7) I have saved more money than most Americans. The average 401k balance as of January 2015 was just north of $91000. I do have more than that in my retirement accounts.

8) I have a dog who is the best in the world, except when he is around other dogs, but we are working on that.

9) I have plenty of food to eat (god knows I could eat less). I don’t ever worry about putting food on the table every month.

10) I have all kind of modern amenities in my home: cable TV, dishwasher, washer/dryer, king-size beds, a couple of computers, smartphones, newer furniture (which we got much cheaper thanks to Mrs. ROB’s shopping), etc.

11) I have never missed a debt payment or bill. I have always paid them on time. Never been late once.

12) I have parents and siblings who love me.

13) I have been to over a dozen different countries and will be going to another one soon (another post on that soon).

14) I have had the privilege to speak internationally, nationally, regionally, and locally about my research.

15) I am a tenured professor.

16) I have spoken before royalty before.

17) I shook the hand of Bill Clinton once (granted it was in a line as he was making his way through the crowd, but still kind of cool though).

18) I get to explore topics in my work that I find the most interesting and important. I am not dictated by anyone that I have to do some specific kind of project.

19) I have a small group of good friends who I know that I can count on. A couple of those people we have been friends for over 30 years and I value them dearly.

20) Most importantly, I have Mrs. ROB, who makes my life filled with adventure, laughter, good food, and love. We have our disagreements, but I do love having her as my partner in crime and I can’t think of anyone I would wish to share the journey with.

The Bottom Line

I am sure there are things that I am forgetting, but based upon the 20 things above I have a much better life than most people on the planet. Certainly, I have problems regarding too much debt, and other desires that I will write about. But in the grand scheme of things, save for a couple of more accomplishments, I can certainly say that I have lived a good life and I hope those who are around we feel the same. I hope they know how much they mean to me (because I do try to tell them).

Yes, I will continue to write about debt and politics and the like. And sometimes I might have a woe is me attitude, but I try not to lose sight of the big picture.

And by the way, certainly some of this is luck to be where I am, but most of it is hard work. I worked my tail off to get here. I didn’t have anything handed to me. I come from a lower middle-class background who’s parents didn’t have a big house, lots of money for extra curricular activities or vacations. I worked for everything I have and had some help from some great family, friends, colleagues, students, and mentors along the way. I thank all of you for that.

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  1. Nice post. It is helpful if we focus on all of the things that we have once in a while to get a fresh look at what our lives have become – for both the good and the bad. I have a dog too that, while I also believe is the best in the world, has some trouble around other dogs. The problem is when other dogs want to play, she interprets that as hostility. And my dog is a boxer mixed with pit bull, so yeah, she’ll usually win the fight if she wants to. 🙂

    1. Well, our dog has small dog syndrome and does the same thing. But the thing is once he gets over that and starts to play with others he gets bored. Thing is I think he prefers guys. He tends to ignore his girlfriend next door…who is a bit older. She is a cougar looking for a young rescue like ours.

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