Personal Finance Bucket List

Personal Finance Bucket List

I am sure that a lot of us can be reflective on our lives at one time or another. And when we reflect I am sure we think about the good and bad things that have happened in our lives. More importantly, I hope that we reflect to figure out what we want to do in the future. Call it a bucket list, call it goals, call it whatever. I know that I have lots of personal goals that don’t involve finance. They include things like write another book, become a parent, give lectures in other countries. Since this is a personal finance blog I thought I would put together a personal finance bucket list that goes beyond just yearly goals. These are more aspirational and maybe you can talk about yours as well.

I want FU money. I have already written a couple of posts on this so I won’t drone on about it, but I am not so much interested in retiring early or whatever, but being able to basically say to the universe FU if some thing bad occurs. I have a dream someday of being able to potentially even leave my current position, go somewhere else, and not worry about whether I am at my current rank or salary. I would just want to teach/work in interesting places across the U.S. and possibly the globe. But that is only possible with bucket list item #1 and #2.

I want to be totally debt free. There was a time when I thought there were things such as good debt (e.g. student loans, mortgages, etc) but I have come around that there is no such thing as good debt. Debt is debt. And debt is, in some respects, slavery. I don’t want to be beholden to someone else. I want to be free and that includes Mrs. ROB. I want her to be debt free as well. Currently, she has a student loan debt monster that crushes her. We will get there, but it seems like such a long road ahead.

I want to have a house by the sea. I know this is totally aspirational, but since I moved to New England I love the water. I love the smell of the ocean. I dream about white sandy beaches or even better rocky shoals in Maine or the lakes of the great state of Minnesota. Someday I would love to have a house where I can either see or be on the water. For me there is just something very calming about it.

I want to visit at least 50 countries. I am currently at 20 so I have a long way to go, but if this trip I am planning with a colleague goes through I will have visited 6 out of 7 continents in my short-time on this Earth. Not bad, but I want to see more of the world, particularly Europe.

I want to visit all 50 states. Currently I am at 48 so I am not far way. I actually did that primarily through my college days. I used to be a competitor and coach in speech and debate tournaments and we would travel the country in vans going to different tournaments. I believe that I hit at least 25 of those states because of forensics. I only have Hawaii and Alaska left, but those are fairly expensive so it may be a while before I visit either one of them.

I want to live in another country. I am not sure when this will happen or for how long, but I would like to live in another country for an extended period of time. My current hope is that I could lead an exchange program or become a Fulbright scholar somewhere. Perhaps, I would live abroad for quite a while, but I would like to live in another country for a year or so.

I want to leave a financial legacy for my children (if we have them). I have written about the current issues Mrs. ROB and me are having with children. If we do have them and I think we will whether that be adoption or our own I would like to leave a financial legacy for those children. I would like them to not struggle as much as I did. I would like to put them on a better footing than I was. Apparently, when Prince died he didn’t leave a will and now his estate will be in probate court, possibly for years, as his heirs fight about his money. I don’t want that to happen to me.

I want to travel the states and the globe with friends. One of the things that I love to do and is probably my favorite thing to do is travel. I would love to be in a position to travel with family and friends to different places. Traveling is so much more fun when you have people to share it with. I want to party, but I want it to be in different countries.

What is your personal finance bucket list?

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