Paying for Extra Household Expenses

Paying for Extra Household Expenses

The year 2016 has not been a very good one for the ROB household, financially and emotionally. We have had appliance breakdowns (read herehere, and here), we started our IVF journey (read here, here, and here) and actually got pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage a few weeks later. Luckily, we were able to get away a short-time later, but there are moments when it is still very hard for both of us. We try to socialize with others, but in those quiet moments when we see our friends, particularly those who have had success it is hard.

Add to that all of the calamities across the world. The Brexit vote, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the terrorist attacks in France, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and other places, the 2016 presidential election (no matter who you supported), the Flint water crisis, and I am sure there are all kinds of other problems. And we aren’t even done yet. We still have almost a full-month yet. The only good thing is the stock market has had a pretty good year.

So to paraphrase John Oliver “F*(k You 2016.”

So what does this have to do with paying for extra expenses? Well, it is time to start planning for 2017. Because like in 2016 it looks like we will have extra costs to pay for that will be in the thousands of dollars in the next few months.

Our list of priorities are:

  1. A new windshield for Mrs. ROB’s car–$250
  2. A new electrical panel for the basement–$3000
  3. Possibly a new water heater (ours is getting on in age)–$1000
  4. Reglazing the bathtub–$1000

Plus the two big expenses that we aren’t sure of:

  1. IVF expenses–Mrs. ROB and I are going to try again. This time, however, we are going to go one step further by having some genetic testing done on any fertilized embryos, known as PGS. We are lucky that basic IVF is covered by our insurance. However, things like genetic screening are not covered.  Considering most miscarriages are due to chromosomal issues we want to do PGS because we don’t want to go through another miscarriage. Although there is no guarantee it will work or that we will even be pregnant again it is worth the cost at least. The PGS, depending on what program we choose can run as little as $2000 up to potentially $5000 (and that is per cycle btw).
  2. Potentially, a new catalytic converter. My car is paid for, but recently I had some work done on it at a different place than my normal mechanic and they said I might have to replace my catalytic converter, which is another $1200-$1500. I am going to my mechanic tomorrow to determine whether I need a new one, but this might not be a fun time.

How to Pay for These Expenses?

If you add up all of those expenses together it basically comes out to about 10-12k over the next year on TOP of what we would normally spend. And I sure other things will pop up. Hopefully, we will have expenses for a nursery. In the interim, how are we going to pay for these items?

Very Carefully?

No seriously, I am not sure. The cracked windshield is easy. That will take be taking care of in the next 2 weeks.

Additionally, Mrs. ROB and I are foregoing some Christmas giving to each other to reglaze the tub. We are limiting.

However, that still leaves about 10k in expenses that need to be paid for.

Some of those expenses don’t have to be done right away. For example, the electrical panel is not pressing, but potentially more of a safety issue. The catalytic converter, however, might be needed NOW. The PGS testing will be needed, hopefully, in the next few months. The water heater may or may not come.

So there are probably at least 3-5k in expenses that we will have to pay for in the next 2-3 months.

That is 3-5K that I think we can squeeze out of the budget, but like a lot of things it depends on if some extra work comes in.

Looks like the start of 2017 is going to be financially tight again.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

4 thoughts on “Paying for Extra Household Expenses

  1. Please don’t get discouraged. These expenses will set you back a bit on the plans to pay early toward your mortgage principal, students loans, etc. but it’s ok. Maybe you can catch up later in 2017 or 2018. Don’t stress. Just keep focused on prioritizing what to pay first (which you are doing).

    BTW, I agree about 2016, but I’m afraid to say it as 2016 is not over and I don’t want to jinx anything in the last month of it.

    1. Thanks Tom. I try not to stress, but putting this to the screen actually helps ease my anxiety a bit…but you are right I shouldn’t stress about things I can’t really control.

  2. Check on the catalytic converter. They are expensive, but we only paid ~$500 at our trusted mechanic place. Labor included.
    Hang in there on the other stuff. I say this but I would also be very worried and freaked out. Just keep focusing on an end goal. If you lived in TX, I would recommend my dad for the job. He would give you the friend discount and would do it on the side.

    1. I actually did last week and the good thing is my normal mechanic charged me $200 to fix something and said my catalytic converter was fine. Relieved because I want to drive this car into the ground. At least 5 more years.

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