Our Trip to Prague

Our Trip to Prague

For the past week I have been away from the blog. I felt guilty for a couple of reasons. For one I blog here pretty regularly so I didn’t have any posts prepared while I was away. Secondly, I really wanted to talk about the presidential election, economy, financial independence, and early retirement on the blog. I will do that, but at another time. However, Mrs. ROB and I were away for a conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

As a student of politics (and someone who researches and teaches it) I was totally shocked and I fully admit the candidate I supported didn’t win. Does it mean the end of the U.S.? Hardly. I wrote the week before about how I am staying in no matter what the election brings and this is still quite true. So that post(s) will come shortly, but in the interim let’s talk about more important things: our trip to Prague.

International Travel and Prague

One of the great things about my job is that I often get to visit different cities and countries on my university’s dime. I actually have to work while I am there by presenting research and/or networking with other faculty. My trip to Prague was a similar opportunity. I presented some new research and made some new contacts. In terms of my research it was quite fruitful because I think my research partner and I have the basis for a new theory, which is great. I look forward to exploring that future.

If you are looking for a getaway that is full of fabulous people, history, good food, drink, and fairly inexpensive I highly recommend Prague. Here are some lessons that I learned.

First, Prague’s cuisine seems to be surrounded by meat. I mean we ate a lot of meat: sausages, beef, chicken, ham, bacon, etc. It was great if you are a meat eater. And I am. I didn’t realize the connection that Prague has with pork. It is one of the primary meat staples and fairly inexpensive.

Second, beer is CHEAP! Prague is known for its beer, but I didn’t thing it would so inexpensive. For a good pint, it wasn’t unusual to just pay about $1 or maybe $1.50 depending on where you were. And the beer is GREAT. Beer is cheaper than coffee, tea, and even soda. We stopped in a grocery store and got really good beer for about .50 a bottle. So if you like beer, head to Prague.

Third, using the metro is super easy and inexpensive. I love using public transportation and Prague’s metro is really easy to use. Rides are only about $1 a piece and the great thing I got my public transportation for free from the conference registration fee. I would warn you about taking taxis, however. Apparently, many of them can try to scam you and charge your more than necessary. Use the metro is easy and really reliable.

Finally, the total cost for us was about $1500 out of pocket for everything. That included airfare, food, shopping, drink, etc. Now the cost is obviously greater because my airfare and hotel were paid for, but still not a bad way to go. We had a great time.

I love old world cities. I would much rather explore than sit on a beach somewhere (although Mrs. ROB says that our next trip). And after all that has happened over the last month this was a welcome distraction.

I loved Prague. Would love to go back someday.  If you want a destination that is fairly inexpensive, the people are friendly, full of old world history and charm then head to Prague you won’t regret it.

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