Our Overstock Mattress–A Great Investment

Our Overstock Mattress–A Great Investment

This post was inspired by the fantastic blogging couple the Frugalwoods. If you want to take inspiration about how to live a frugal lifestyle, but do it with some verve and inspiration their blog is pretty awesome. Anyway, a few weeks ago they provided an update on their “Amazon” mattress. They got a fantastic deal on a king-size mattress and only paid $279 for it.

Mrs. ROB and I did not get the same deal as the Frugalwoods, but we got a pretty good deal on our 14′ memory foam mattress for only $450 from Overstock.

When Mrs. ROB moved to the east coast to live with me it was apparent that the mattress we were using wasn’t going to work. Part of the reason was because it just wasn’t big enough. Apparently, as Mrs. ROB likes to claim, I am a flopper in bed. In other words, I toss and turn a lot until I get comfortable. Additionally, and she might not like me saying this, but the Mrs. likes to spread out. She actually creates a pillow wall at night as a means to sleep (I blame my wonderful mother-in-law for this). So because I am a flopper and we need to have a pillow wall a queen size mattress just wouldn’t do (we just moved that mattress into our guest room).

So we agreed that we wanted to get a king-size mattress and we were both intrigued with memory foam mattresses. You probably have watched a lot of the commercials (e.g. Temperpedic) for them. There also those beds that allow you to change the firmness of the mattress. No offense people who buy those items, but I wasn’t/nor could we afford to spend a few thousand dollars on a mattress.

So after a bit of searching on the internet we went a bit of an unconventional route and decided to order our mattress online, specifically from Overstock.com.

We looked at the reviews, the thickness of the mattress and decided to order. Besides the mattress looked nice in the pictures 🙂 (I tried to download the jpeg, but it was too big of a file to enter into the blog so just check out the link above).

About a week after we ordered it we got the mattress in a long box. We weren’t really sure what to expect when we got the box, but the mattress was basically vacuum packed. So we need to  unroll the memory foam and let it “grow” over a 24 hour period.

It actually only took a few hours for it to fully “grow” to its proper shape.

We put it on our bed frame and have slept on it ever since.

Every once in a while I get a little warm in our bedroom and they say that memory foam mattresses can be a bit hot, but the feeling doesn’t last long and I honestly have a pretty good night’s sleep on it (despite Mrs. ROB’s protestations).

If you are looking for a mattress I would definitely look into getting memory foam and getting online. It was lot less expensive than from the store and has been a worthwhile investment for the three years we have had our mattress.


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