6 thoughts on “Our Flex Account Might Not Be Worth It

  1. Sounds to me that this company might be violating some laws here. Have you researched them online for lawsuits or bbb issues? Maybe see if atty general or insurance commission can help if hr is unconcerned.

    I had the same thing start to happen with my hra provider. They were the same, but their internal policies must have changed. I was having to provide stmt of benefits to show what was not paid by insurance for lab tests and dr bills. It was a pain.

    1. I am not sure if/when they are violating any laws. It seems to me that the documentation they require is more cumbersome than necessary. It is this precise crappola that I don’t have the time to deal with nor do I want too, which is the reason we just might ditch it. I have told HR about our issues with this, but as of now they are the vendor we have. So be it.

      And what makes this more complicated is with potential more bills coming because of fertility treatments I don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of justifying every little item. Co-pays are fine, but it is when we get into specialty items like glasses or contacts or this special medical program for my wife that they have all of these regulations that they won’t “cover” it. Since it is my money I figured we might just take it first hand. Yes that eliminates the tax benefit, but frankly I need a little simplicity in my life for the moment. None of this matters until I get a signal from our HR department anyway.

  2. I agree with Lisa. I think the problem here might be the new vendor and not FSAs per se. You might want to let your employer (HR folks) know as well. Your employer can switch vendors, can’t they?

  3. I know the feeling! FSA’s can be really tricky. Put too much in, and you might lose it. Put too little in, and it’s not worth the trouble. But just like your 401k or IRA, you have to do it so that you can take advantage of the tax-avoidance.

    1. You are totally right. So far we have been lucky in using it. And I just found out that I have no choice but to go forward with it for this coming year. I think we just need to restrict our use of it to co-pays and medication. Then we might avoid some hassles.

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