October Monthly Challenges

October Monthly Challenges

Time to update my challenges from the previous month and continue with some October challenges. I would’ve done this sooner, but it has been a busy six days so far. To recap here were my September challenges:

  1. Go to the gym at least three times a week–SUCCESS! This really shouldn’t even be a goal because I do it every week. But I accomplished the goal.
  2. Reduce our food budget by $100–FAIL. Part of that failure was because we went to a wedding, but we still eat out too much and need to reduce the budget.
  3. Finish 1/2 of a conference paper–FAIL. I didn’t even get close. I spent most of my time teaching. And today I have to take over another class as an emergency. I hope to find some time to write.
  4. Work on the blog a bit. FAIL. I didn’t do much with it and I am not sure when I will.

Verdict: September was a massive failure for most of my stated goals. I really need to kick it up a notch. I don’t know what it is but my motivation is lacking this month. Well here are some challenges for this month.

  1. Clean up our yard and put away all Spring/Summer items for the fall and winter. This basically means I have to clean up our small yard, take out the air conditioners, make a cap for our attic, begin to do some basic maintenance on the snow blower.
  2. Finish the conference paper. I really don’t have a choice on this one. I need to finish this this month so I can actually do something more with it in the future. It needs to be done by October 31st.
  3. Submit old research to a new journal. A long time ago I submitted an essay, got a review on it, and never did anything with it. It is time to go back and fix this.
  4. Begin to eat better and at more reasonable times. This means cutting down on soda consumption, reducing my caloric intake, and eating at a normal hour. This is something I just need to do for my own health.

3 thoughts on “October Monthly Challenges

    1. I actually think the goal by paycheck is a really good idea and something that more people should adopt. I bookmarked the blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  1. Jason I talk a lot about setting attainable goals based for ourselves. Then as we accomplish those we make more challenging ones or continue to realize those goals we thought weren’t attainable become attainable etc. Doing this sets a standard and keeps one on task. I often talk about the difference between trying and committing. For example a high school student wants to make his track team he needs to run a mile in a certain time. He makes it his priority to run when he comes home from school rain or shine. He comes in the door drops his bags changes and is out that door. Most of his friends said they will try to make the team however with the try mentality there is always tomorrow and the next day to run. It is not a priority, change your words and change your mind you want it, commit. It takes no effort to be at the bottom there are lots of people down there. If it was easy everyone would do it. Ill leave you with an acronym its called A.R.M. hopefully the visual cue in class will not let you forget it. A- Attitude R-Resilience M-Mental Toughness learn them, know them harness them. They are yours and they cannot be taken from you!

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