November Monthly Challenge

November Monthly Challenge

It is that time of the month again, which means I review how the previous month went with my challenges. Here were October’s Challenges:

  1. Clean up our yard and put away all Spring/Summer items for the fall and winter.–PARTIAL SUCCESS, I put away a number of items, but because of warm weather kept the air conditioners out even though we don’t use them now.
  2. Finish the conference paper–MASSIVE FAILURE. I have barely started on it. I have three more weeks, but with advising coming up I am not sure when to write.
  3. Submit old research to a new journal–FAILURE. Although I am ready to send it off I just haven’t done it yet. Not sure why?
  4. Begin to eat better and at more reasonable times–SORT OF SUCCESS. I have tried to be a bit better, but not as successful. I still struggle with this the most. However, I had my yearly physical last week and it was an eye-opener. More to come on that.

November Challenges

  1. Submit book proposal to publishers. This should be doable because I have finished a rough draft of it. I am just waiting on my writing partner for his feedback.
  2. Submit research to a journal. This just needs to get done. Not sure what is holding me back, but it is time.
  3. Try to not eat fast food out during the week. What I mean by fast food I mean anything that involves me not bringing it home. My health has to become a priority and evaluating what I am putting into my body has to be at the top of my list. This will also save me money (although I don’t spend more than $100 per month on this).
  4. Try to get on track to get my personal loan/2nd mortgage below $11,000 by years end. I am not sure how this is going to happen, but toward the end of the year I want to announce that I have paid this down to $11000 instead of the current $11500 it is projected at. I just don’t know where I will come up with an extra $500.
  5. Look seriously into refinancing. I am not sure if I will be able to refinance because I don’t know if we have enough of a loan to home value to justify it. But I would love to lower my interest rate to about 3% or lower.


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