My Public Service Loan Forgiveness Presentation

My Public Service Loan Forgiveness Presentation

Over the past couple of months I have attempted to add credentials to my knowledge of personal finance. A couple of months ago I enrolled with the National Financial Educators Council to become a Certified Financial Education Instructor. At the same time, I also began doing some counseling and work with individual colleagues of mine regarding Public Service Loan Forgiveness. One of those colleagues encouraged me to do a presentation for a larger faculty body on our campus. Today was one of those first events. While we only had a handful of people who showed up it was great to work with some people to help improve their financial lives. I absolutely loved it.

Even better I was asked to do this presentation again so more could share in this knowledge and over a dozen other people asked for the Powerpoint presentation. Since this is a personal finance blog I thought I share a link to my presentation (you can find it on my page under books and/or talks and download the Powerpoint if you like).

I look forward to working with people individually if they have questions because each person’s situation is unique, which is also why that everyone should do their own research on this subject.

Here is my PowerPoint presentation on obtaining Public Service Loan Forgiveness. If the Scribd doesn’t translate the document you can just download it.

Enjoy and I would love your feedback.

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  1. For many graduates, achieving the dream of earning a college degree comes with student loan debt that can derail their finances. We appreciate your efforts in helping people address student loan debt. Keep up your commendable efforts Jason.

    1. Thank you. I am almost ready to complete my certification for becoming a Certified Financial Education Instructor. I actually love advising and helping with financial literacy. I hope to even be a way to monetize this knowledge someday as well.

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