My Financial Thanksgiving

My Financial Thanksgiving

I try to write primarily about financial issues on this blog so considering it is the day before Thanksgiving I thought I would consider what I am thankful for financially this holiday season.

I am thankful for a number of things:

I am, of course, thankful for Mrs. ROB and her continued love and support. Financially, I am thankful she convinced me that maybe this was the time to buy a house. With interest rates where they were, our rent continuing to go up, and the fact that we are turning 40, it was time to buy a house.

I am thankful for our house. Yes, there have been a lot of short-term costs, but the amount of equity we get out of the house and an increase in our net worth makes up for those short-term items that will save us money in the long-run.

I am thankful Mrs. ROB convinced me that we should get another dog. We lost our beloved Peanut at the end of September. My logical brain said that we were moving into a new house, i was on sabbatical, and my wife was working a huge amount of hours so a dog didn’t seem like a feasible option at the moment. Also, financially with everything else we were buying I thought it would be a strain. I am glad she convinced me otherwise. Getting Spooner has been well-worth the cost. Even though he has been here only three weeks he has already made me more productive, made me laugh harder than any human being in a while, and has given way more than he costs. I am so glad he is a part of our family.

I am grateful i became part of the personal finance blogosphere. I fully admit i was lurker on a number of personal finance blogs for over a year before I took the plunge. I don’t blog to become rich or become famous. I blog because it provides an account of my journey to financial independence and holds me accountable, it allows me to express my views on things without the interference of others, and it allows others to hear about my story. If anything I have written can keep someone out of debt or help them invest or whatever then it is well worth it. It also gives me a space to talk about finance issues which Mrs. ROB isn’t a fan of.

I am thankful that I have a job that is secure, stable, and most importantly something I love to do. I won’t become a billionaire with my job, but it affords me the ability to communicate with others, interact with different people daily, and offers a great creative outlet for my research.

I am thankful that I have a positive net worth rather than a negative one.

I am thankful for the other great personal finance blogs out there. I think it takes a lot of courage to share your story regarding debt and your financial journey. I am certainly no expert (yet) but I know that I am being educated by other blogs and hopefully people who come here feel the same.

I am thankful for index mutual funds and balanced funds. They are a GREAT way to invest if you don’t understand the stock market that well or have a low-risk for tolerance.

Finally, I am thankful for all of the people who have read this blog in the past two months. I have had over 2,000 views and a few comments along the way (I would Love to have more). I have no idea if that is good or on the small side, but I am grateful for everyone who stops by.



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