My December Challenge(s)

My December Challenge(s)

It is a Monday and I am going to make this a bit of a short post, but good news. I was able to accomplish my November goal of not having any soda for the entire month of November. I basically drank a lot of Arizona Tea (particularly the Arnold Palmer blend), water, and milk. While I can now technically have soda again I hope to cut back a lot more. The truth is I am a pop addict and I need to cut back quite substantially.

So now to my December challenge. My December challenge is three-fold. First, I am going to get back to working out at least 4 times a week. Ever since we moved into our house my workouts have diminished considerably. I am only doing it about one to two times a week. I am not a runner outside so I have to figure out a different way. So i have decided to join a gym. Yes, i know a gym is an extra expense, but we have a local gym here for $$20 a month and they have a location or two where my wife and I will be vacationing for Christmas so i can workout while I am home as well.

My second challenge is to lose 5 pounds. I have not made my weight loss goal this year (not even close) and it is time to get serious. This is especially hard because the holidays are here. There are great foods to partake in, but I am determined to hit this goal.

My final challenge is to finish off my emergency fund. I am really close on this one so i don’t think it will be a problem, but I have to temper my Christmas savings a bit to hit this goal, but actually should be able to do it with next week’s paycheck. That will give us a nice three months of need expenses in case something happens.

I met my November challenge now let’s see if I can get my December ones met. What are your challenges around the holiday season?

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  1. Thanks. You are right, which is why I primarily drink the Arnold Palmer version it takes the edge off. I can’t drink regular tea, for whatever reason. My wife does….but I can’t. I am trying though….but it is better than soda!

  2. Great work with your no-pop challenge Jason! I’ve never really been much good at doing these things, but have also never had a terribly good reason or motivation to. I tried to do a no-alcohol month before and fail miserably, only because I don’t have a good enough reason to stick at it (I’m not a big drinker and am pretty healthy). I did however do a November ‘health and wealth’ challenge that Tonya at BATB organised, and did pretty well on the exercise front!

    Good luck with your December challenges – always difficult around this time of year, but will be all the sweeter when you achieve them!

    1. Hi Jason. I am not sure I could do the no alcohol either, particularly around the holiday season. The November Health and Wealth challenge sounds great. What was the specific challenge? I might have to arrange one for myself in the future. Thanks for the encouragement, stopping by, and I love your site. I imagine myself in Hawaii each week I visit (although I have never been to Hawaii).

      1. I’m so glad you enjoy my site Jason, thanks! And it makes me very happy that it makes you imagine yourself in Hawaii, because that’s exactly what I want people to feel when they visit 🙂 Hopefully one day you’ll get to experience the real thing, it’s such a beautiful place. Perhaps we can meet up there when we’ve both achieved financial independence and kick back with a few cocktails!

        The health and wealth challenge was simply about doing ‘more’ than you normally do, and making your own commitments. For me, I wanted to run at least 5 days a week, and also tried to set a few new habits like meditating and eating well etc that were slightly less successful. I’m starting to think maybe a 1 or 2 day challenge on eating well is what I should aim for!

        1. Meeting in Hawaii would be fab. I am looking for a January challenge. I will have to look into modifying this a bit and see what i can come up with doing ‘more’ than I normally do. Thanks.

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