My Biggest Financial Problem

My Biggest Financial Problem

That title might be a little bit of hyperbole, but I think it goes to the heart of what I have been thinking lately. My biggest financial problem isn’t debt. It isn’t overspending. It isn’t my spouse. It is something that i have struggled with for a very long-time. My biggest financial problem is: living in the moment.

For a variety of reasons, the next few months for the ROB household could be a little tight. The big reason for that is because when summer comes I am not sure how much income Mrs. ROB and I will be earning. As teachers we are not guaranteed summer courses. I am not sure if I will get summer courses and of course the bills don’t stop just because it is summer.

June is always a tough month in our household because of the summer season, summer paychecks are delayed, etc.  I know this every single year and I do try to prepare for it. In fact, the truth is I am somewhat prepared for it. I am putting extra money away just in case something happens and if things work out then I chunk on my debt.

But for whatever reason I just can’t stop going all apocalyptic on myself. For example, I spent this morning on the treadmill at the gym plotting 50 different scenarios as to how to get out of debt faster, save more, and deal with the upcoming summer.

Most of the time everything works out. I get summer classes, get a grant or two, and do some extra stuff to make extra money for the summer. The problem is that money doesn’t come until August so for June and part of July Mrs. ROB and I struggle with just doing the basics. We can’t do other things, which is fine, but I would, for once, like to enjoy the summer just a bit. I would like to be able to play golf and not have to worry about whether it was in the budget.

Part of this is the reason I am so adamant about myself and others paying down debt so quickly. I mean debt is like your own prison and it dictates what you can and cannot do. I am tired of being dictated too.

So my biggest problem and I am not sure how to tackle it is to live more in the moment. Enjoy myself a bit more, but also keep my eye on the larger prize of paying down debt, saving for retirement and becoming financial independence.

Another reason why I called this blog “reaching our balance” because “balance”–managing short-term and long-term financial goals, along with living is a difficult thing for me.

I have got to find a way to lead with more balance, but my brain isn’t wired that way quite yet. But everyday I will try to get there.

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  1. Does your employer allow you to be paid over 12 months? Same gross amount, but spread out over 12 months can sometimes be helpful in planning how much you can spend. It also makes any summer teaching, etc. “gravy.” If your employer does not allow you to spread out your salary over 12 months, you can do it yourself, but it requires a lot of discipline to set aside funds for use during the summer months.

  2. I do have my pay spread over 12 months, but even if I reduce my retirement that amount of money doesn’t necessarily cover all expenses. I teach extra courses to take care of those expenses. So yes summer classes are gravy, but it isn’t a hearty gravy.

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