More Housing Blues

More Housing Blues

This week has been one of the toughest for me personally in a long time. Don’t worry Mrs. ROB and I are fine in our relationship. There are no problems there. And I may share what has been going on, but I still need to process some things and deal with others. However, to add onto our personal travails our house is again costing us money.

Some of you will remember my posts about our dishwasher debacle. I sometimes think that maybe we would be better off renting. I awoke Saturday morning to taking the dog for a walk and there seemed to be water running in our refrigerator. After looking around for a couple of minutes it turns out that there was a massive hold in the water line to the refrigerator which leaked a ton of water into the basement. I am not sure how long it was, but that morning I went out and bought my first wet/dry vac and spent two hours vacuuming up water.

Now we were thinking about buying a new fridge anyway because the one that came with the house is missing shelving, is cracked in some places and just needs to be replaced. I was just hoping we wouldn’t have to do it now.

Additionally, Mrs. ROB had arranged for someone to come over and take a look at our basement. We have been thinking about refinishing it. I wasn’t sure what it would cost, but we at least wanted to get an idea. It turns out (and this wasn’t noticed during our inspection) that our pipes are still wrapped in asbestos and we have some mold in the basement. Plus, if we want to redo the basement the tile in the basement, we think, is asbestos tile so that needs to be removed.

The cost of removing the asbestos is $3k (estimated). The cost of doing some demolition and getting rid of some of the mold in the basement is probably another 3k. Now we would probably want to do the demolition because if we redo the basement we have to do it anyway.

However, when the gentlemen gave us the estimate for doing the basement I about had a gasket. His overall estimate was $71,000. Now, he said he could knock some stuff down and we could get it to maybe 60k. But all I could think is 60k for a basement. WTH?

So if you couple the refrigerator, the asbestos, the demolition, a new basement, and a couple of other projects that need to be done in the house (e.g. a new electrical panel) you are talking about $80,000 we would have to spend.

I know we don’t have to spent $80k and we probably won’t. We will probably do some of the smaller projects (e.g. the fridge, probably the asbestos, etc) and chip away at things, but that 80k just through more cold water on what has really been a terrible week. They say bad things come in threes I am hoping this is the final third and we can get to some good news because I could use it.

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  1. My sincere advice to you Jason : Do not ignore the mold in the basement! It should be the priority too. We are still dealing with it in our house and let me tell you the way it spread over the course of years is costing us now a lot of money.

    1. We are definitely going to get on it. I just need to save the money to take care of it, but definitely in the next couple of months or sooner.

    1. I won’t speak about it right now because it is a bit personal, but will try to blog about it soon.

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