May Monthly Challenges

May Monthly Challenges

It is that time of the month to set some new goals and review the previous months worth. Just to recap from April my challenges were:

1) Hit the gym 4x a week–Sort of Success. I went to a conference last week and I fully admit I didn’t hit the gym while I was there because I forgot workout clothes. I did walk about two miles per day, but that isn’t the same.

2) Add $1200 to our savings account.–Success. I am able to do this b/c I have some side hustle items that actually contribute about $1000 per month in more income.

3) Finish Work for a Book–Partial success. I did finish 2/3 of it, but not the rest of it. My other work duties have taken over.

4) Begin Tackling the Outside of the House—Sort of Success. I did actually tackle some of this. I put together a patio set, got rid of some plants that were dead, and generally cleaned it up a bit, but there is still a long way to go.

5) Provide a Quarterly Update of our FInances–Success. I did that in about the first week of the month. So far so good.

May Challenges

1) Continue to hit the gym 4x a week. With the end of the semester coming that should be an easy challenge for the first three weeks, but I am going out of town for over two weeks at the end of the month so that might be difficult. More on that next week.

2) Add $1000 to our savings account. That again should be fairly easy because of the side hustle I have. However, that side hustle ends in early May. But it should give me more money to pay down our debt, which is my number one financial priority.

3) Finish the book work. This actually also shouldn’t be that difficult because I really don’t have a choice. I need to finish by the 15th. Granted this is a self-imposed deadline, but I think one that is extremely important.

4) Prep work for a research project for the summer. I have received a summer grant to do some research so I need to do some prep work so that in June I can really dig into the project. I should be able to do this work sometime this week actually.

These goals I think are doable. They are things I need to do anyway, but they are technically things I don’t have to accomplish. If I can get all four done it will be a good month.

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