Last Night’s Target Run

Last Night’s Target Run

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mrs. ROB and I don’t get home from work until later in the evening. We both work in the same place and while she gets done earlier I have some commitments that I have to keep up with.

Anyway, while we were going home we decided to make a Target run. Now Mrs. ROB and I primarily go to Target for toiletries, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc. And as most people know it is typically cheaper to buy those items at Target or Wal-mart than the grocery store. We had both made a list of items that we had run out of and that I also wanted to stock up on.

We also decided to do our grocery shopping for the next week or so at Target. By the time it was also said and done we had spent $334.

Now some of you might look at that and think big deal? You bought groceries and cleaning supplies, etc why are you blogging about it? I guess I am writing this because I haven’t spent that much money at a Target or grocery store ever.

Now it isn’t like we didn’t have the money set aside or that many of the items we didn’t need or provided us stock for the next six months (we didn’t need the two pints of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream that we bought, but they were new flavors and we thought what the hell). But for whatever reason I got a huge lump in my throat that I was spending this much money on stuff when it could go somewhere else.

When I reflect on last night I wonder why my heart leaped into my throat? Have I become too financially sensitive? Too aware of my spending habits? Need to relax more? Will that lead to more spending?

I guess I just wanted to express this conundrum about spending that much money at Target for things that we bought to stock up on and we will eat (some stuff was certainly not needed…Ben and Jerry’s, soda, and movie candy–yes we are those people).  I mean it isn’t like I haven’t spend a couple hundred dollars at the grocery store to buy food for a couple of weeks/month, but this was more than I had spent in a while. What does that mean? If anything? Maybe it is just the larger number and because it is an aberration it caused my reaction.

Anyone else have this kind of visceral reaction?

P.S. You will be happy to know that the Peanut Butter Jam Session is really good. Remember, how I said one of my March goals was to lose three pounds….yeah Ben and Jerry’s set that back about a day.

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    1. You are probably right. I guess it was because I hadn’t done it in so long and I am trying to reduce our expenses. C’est la vie.

  1. Target is a place you go to buy 2 things and come out with 10. I always overspend there for no good reason.

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