June Challenges

June Challenges

This update on my May Challenges is way late. I should’ve done this while I was in China, but preoccupied with other things. To review here were my challenges for the month of May.

1) Continue to hit the gym 4x a week–Success. Technically, I did not hit the gym 4x a week for the last week or so of the semester. But considering that I walked an average of six miles a day while I was in China (that is conservative estimate btw). I think I met the challenge. I also lost six pounds while I was there.

2) Add $1000 to our savings account–Failure. I actually didn’t add this money to our savings account. I actually put it toward our debt. I save future dinero, but technically it didn’t work.

3) Finish the book work–Success. I wanted to finish the work by the 15th, but I actually finished on the 24th while I was in China. I finished, however.

4) Prep work for a research project for the summer–Success. I did most of the prep work for this now I just need to dig into this.

June Challenges

1) Eating only three meals per day. One of the problems I have, the primarily problem with my weight, is that I graze and I eat all day long. I will eat a meal, then have a snack, then eat later, etc. I try to keep track of my caloric intake, but I actually lose. So my goal is to only eat at meal times and not eat anymore. I have been sort of successful so far, but this will be key into becoming healthier.

2) Meet my debt payoff goal for the 2nd quarter. I think this is quite doable and I might actually accomplish it. I meet even exceed it. It will just depend on whether or not these side hustles come through.

3) Begin to write this research project. I mentioned the previous month that I have received a grant to do some research. Well, now that I have all of the prep work done I just need to sit down with the research and do some writing. It is time. However, this might be difficult because every single day this month (save the weekend) I am stacked full of advising, teaching, etc. I typically don’t like to work on the weekends during the summer, but maybe I can do it in the mornings when things are quiet.

4) Lifting weights at least 2 times a week. I fully admit I have neglected my weight workouts and I want to get back to them. Believe it or not there was a time when I could bench press 300 pounds fairly easily. THat isn’t the case anymore. MOst of the time when I go to the gym I do a cardio workout, but we know from studies that a weight workout improves metabolism, strength of bones, etc. This really needs to be a better part of my regimen. Two times a week is a good start.

Those are my challenges for June. Let’s hope I can keep it up.

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