July Challenges

July Challenges

I should’ve posted this update last week, but with the holiday I got caught up in other things. I am also trying to only blog a couple of times a week and focus on other forms of writing. So before we begin with July challenges let’s see how June went:

1) Eat only three meals a day–FAILURE! I think this will always be a work in progress I need to focus on reducing my snackage intake or going to like six meals, but make them small and healthy.

2) Meet my 2nd quarter debt payoff goal–SUCCESS. Not only did I meet the goal, but I am back on track to meet the goal for the entire year.

3) Start writing this new research project–SORT OF. I did a bit of writing, but not as much as a I anticipated. However, I did get all the research done and just need to put fingers to keyboard and work it out.

4) Lifting at least two times a week–FAILURE. I fully admit I only committed to one day a week and need to greatly improve this.

July Challenges

1) 1/2 of research project written by the end of the month. This month I am doing a lot of advising and being teaching another course so I will have to make a bit of time on the weekends in order to do this, but it has to be a priority if I want to get other research projects done.

2) Add $2000 to our savings account. Technically, I already accomplished this, but I might have to use that money for some upcoming expenses (e.g. some plane tickets that need to be bought, car insurance)

3) Weight workouts at least twice a week. Not sure if I can accomplish this, but I need to actually try to put out there so I can maybe try to get too it.

4) Pay off an extra $500 in debt. My normal debt payments amount to about $1500 per month. I am going to try to get it to at least $2000 or more. I need to continue to press on to maintain the end of the year goal.

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  1. I love that you put your goals out there. I, on the other hand, don’t even like to make goals. I should probably work on that.

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