It’s the Little Things That Cost the Most

It’s the Little Things That Cost the Most

Well, Mrs. Rob and I are in the process of buying our new house. We were at a point in our lives when buying a home made sense. We needed more room, wanted to build some equity, and got a pretty good deal on our home.

Since we closed on the house over a month ago we have been spending a lot of time on furnishing the house (e.g. new couch, chair, rugs, bedroom set, etc). Pretty normal stuff. A lot of our old furniture we are bringing to the new house, but some of it just wasn’t worth it. Now we are certainly spending a lot on those new items. But what I didn’t anticipate or maybe think through as much is all of the little things we are spending on and that is what has surprised me.Don’t get me wrong none of this has been put on a credit card. I saved the money ahead of time, but I was hoping not to use all of this money and use it to beef up our emergency savings or pay down some more debt.

Here is a sampling of some of the little things we purchased that have added up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars:

  1. Utility shelf for our hallway closet $20
  2. Four sheets of plywood for make shift box spring $20
  3. Lightbulbs $40
  4. Extension cords and surge protectors $30
  5. Electric screwdriver $20
  6. Shower caddy $20
  7. Shelving for bedroom $45
  8. Curtains $200
  9. Curtain rods $50
  10. Nails, screws, and anchors $20
  11. Small decor items like candles, etc $75
  12. Plunger for downstairs bathroom $7
  13. Moving expenses (boxes, U-haul rental, and paying people to help) $400

Add that up and you are probably looking at almost $1000, plus I am sure I am forgetting things. On my mint account I don’t parcel out each item because we combine a Target run (paper towels, food, etc with some household stuff). That doesn’t include the fact that Mrs. ROB and I have been primarily eating out a lot over the past couple of weeks because we packed a lot of the kitchen stuff and spices. We are probably talking about $300-$400 right there. Plus, the gas that we have spent going back and forth to the house (I have been packing my car at least a couple of times a week to bring over smaller items (e.g. clothes, cups, dishes, etc). We are probably talking a few hundred dollars there over the past month.

Don’t get me wrong I am glad we bought the house. We hunted for a while, it is in a good neighborhood, and it is definitely affordable, but the past month I feel like we have been nickeled and dimed to death and we aren’t done. We still need to get a couple of other pieces of furniture for our house.  Piece of advice for those of you buying a new house and are on a budget. Don’t just budget for the down payment and/or moving costs. Have a slush fund or some kind of thing in your budget where you have money set aside from these little things. At least then you won’t be taken by surprised.

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