I Made $100 From My Blog and It Only Took 42 Months

I Made $100 From My Blog and It Only Took 42 Months

This post may contain affiliate links where I might obtain a small fee (at no charge to you) for a product or service that you sign up for.

I am sure there are a lot of you out there who have read up on different side hustles. On Wednesday, I included a post about some unconventional side hustles. There are certainly other ones, including starting a blog and writing about content that you are passionate about it. I am sure many of you who have come to this blog see that annoying popup that appears where it says I make $34,000 a month on this blog.

First, I do NOT make $34K from this blog. I just can’t get of that annoying popup and I have tried to contact WordPress (if anyone knows how I would be grateful) to ask how to remove it but I have had little luck so far.

Second, I am passionate about personal finance and would love for this blog to be a side hustle, but I have not done a lot to monetize the blog. I mean you will notice some ads on the blog, but I don’t make much money from those. It might be only about $.07 a day or so. Under the heading “Other Good Stuff” I have some links to some books that I would get a small referral fee if you bought the book from this site, but that has proven to be something that hasn’t made me any money. Additionally, if you sign up through Personal Capital on this site then I get a $20 referral fee and you get $20. I am not sure I have made any money on this referral links at all. In fact, I need to have someone experiment with it to see if it is working.

But I digress.

Although I don’t make any money on the blog I do it because I like to do it. It keeps me from driving Mrs. ROB crazy with my personal finance talk, and who knows maybe I will learn the monetization game someday. I hope to post some other affiliate links up some day (only stuff that I would use) and maybe it will work.

However, about a week ago I checked my Google Adsense account (that is the account for advertisements on the site) and it showed that I had crossed the $100 threshold. $104.31 to be exact.

In order to get paid by Google you have to pass the $100 mark.

This is the first time that I will be paid for my Google ads or for anything on this blog. And it only took about 42 months. I have had ads on the blog for only about 2 years or so, but have been writing since September 2014.

So thank you to all of you who have visited the blog. The increased traffic and I have doubled my traffic over the past 6 months or so has allowed me to make my first $100.

Now if I include the money I spent paying for the hosting fees and the like I am still in the hole money wise, but that is ok. I like this as a hobby.

Maybe someday it will gain prominence, I can sell it to and walk-off into the sunset with thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Fat chance of that happening, but for now I will take the small victories.

8 thoughts on “I Made $100 From My Blog and It Only Took 42 Months

  1. Hey, Jason. This is Bill Harlow, although it seems to be coming up under my own WordPress account. Do you incorporate your blog for fear that someone will sue you for giving what they perceive to be bad advice?

    1. Hey Bill, good to hear from you. No I don’t incorporate the blog because I do have a disclaimer on here that talks about how people should do their own research and I am not a financial professional. Moreover, I don’t ever really give specific advice about investing in a specific product. For example, I argue what people should invest in, but I say index funds for example. I don’t say a particular index fund that they have to be in (and I would never do that to begin with). So the disclaimer and the non-specific products protects me. However, if the blog got big then I might think about it just for the added protection. And whenever I have an advice blog or something I practically always put that do your own research, investigate first, don’t just listen to some guy on a blog, which is what we should all do anyway.

  2. Right there with you. I think my net profit on the blog for the first year and a half or so has been twenty dollars. That’s if I write and work for free… thankfully my endeavor is a business in the context of wanting to be self sustaining but not a means of supporting myself. Otherwise I’d have long ago move on.

    1. IT would be nice though if the blog could sustain my lifestyle….but alas I spend more than $100 a year. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m with you on this. While there is definitely money to made in blogging, I get frustrated when I constantly see posts about how EASY it is to make money. No…no it isn’t. Of course those posts have affiliate links to hosting companies as well as other blog related affiliates so they have an incentive to push that narrative.

    1. Thanks. Part of it on my part is that I have not put in enough work to monetize the blog or at least I am not doing a good job of selling things (e.g. Amazon Associates). I would like to do more, but maybe I need to take a clash more.

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