I Have a Smart Phone

I Have a Smart Phone

So a few months back I wrote that I had never purchased a smart phone before. I provided a number of reasons for not getting one including not wanting to pay the cost, not being attached to my phone, and really just stubbornness. Moreover, I fully admit I am not a technological guru. I know how to use it and I can figure it out (I built this blog all by my lonesome…although it could use some improvements) but I just don’t believe in buying technology to buy technology. You will never find me to be first in line to buy the latest iPad or iPhone or whatever. I have a basic Nook for reading, a computer that is really the property of my university and my very functional normal phone.

On October 29th, I made the fateful decision to finally get a smart phone. The primary reason I made the decision was because of international travel. We are traveling to Prague in a week (I am attending a conference) and in two months we are going to South Africa. South Africa was a primary impetus for me to get a phone. I need to keep track of my students. So for “safety” sake I finally got a smart phone. YAY for me….I guess.

Because I have been a Sprint customer for years I decided to stay with them so I bought the new iPhone 7 32GB, which is fine with me. It is pretty basic and I fully admit I was a bit worried about trying to figure out how to use it (like I said technology). However, my wife is an iPhone user and to keep us on the same plan (and her help) I decided to bite the bullet and get the iPhone.

So Far So Good

Over the past couple of days I have been playing with it and after initially figuring out downloading apps and some other items I must say that I really enjoy the technology. The iPhone is pretty simple to use. It offers me the ability to read books, listen to music, etc. Yes, I know all smartphones can do that, but I have to say I am impressed.

I don’t know what took me so long. So I am sold. I am now a smart phone owner and don’t plan on going back.

Don’t expect me to get the brand new phone every year and I will explore cheaper phone plans like Republic Wireless for cheaper plans when my contract runs out, but for the meantime I am going to be paying about $75 a month for a plan (including iPhone cost). That is more than I would like, but I am ok with it.

One further bonus staying with Sprint it that they have a free Global Roaming plan, which while it doesn’t offer the fastest speed abroad, does provide me data, text, and voice for little to no money.

Now back to downloading more apps and watching crappy YouTube videos (oh I wish).

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