I Don’t Have a Smart Phone

I Don’t Have a Smart Phone

I have a confession for the blogosphere: I don’t have a smart phone. And the truth is I am ok with this. Yes, I know I am from the stone age. You might as well just get my jitterbug cell phone now and get it over with. Put me in the old folks home, get me a bag phone from the 1980s, etc. Yes, I know this. I know I am behind the times. I know all of this. And I am still pretty ok with it.

Why Don’t I Have A Smart Phone?

I know that I am totally a dinosaur. Practically everyone around me has a smart phone. My wife has a smart phone, my sister, brother, friends, etc. My parents are probably the only ones who don’t have smart phones (and they don’t want them either). The question that a lot of people ask is why don’t I have one? I mean it isn’t like I don’t see the utility of them. When I was in China a smartphone would’ve come in really handy. And the truth is someday I will get one. But there are a couple of reasons I haven’t gotten a smartphone.

1) I don’t like to buy things I am not going to use. Yes, everyone says that you will use your smart phone like you wouldn’t believe. It will transform your life. That maybe the case, but people said the same thing if we bought an Ipad. I bought my wife a tablet a couple of years ago for a trip she took to Ireland. I think, since then, we maybe have used it a dozen times. We just don’t use it. We use our laptops. I use my laptop all the time. A smart phone would certainly be convenient, particularly when I am at the movies or out with friends and we need to find something. That does happen once in a while. But I guess I think my usage wouldn’t be that much and I am just not going to get much use out of it.

2) I am still paying off my dinosaur phone. I did have a chance to get a new phone a few months ago. I lost my phone with all of my contacts and I went to Sprint (yes I should switch probably to Republic Wireless or a less expensive plan) to get a new one. I just said i wanted a basic phone. They had one for a hundred bucks. I didn’t have the money on me so I decided to just do a payment plan until it is paid off. Yes, I know that is stupid, but I figure I can hold out a little bit longer.

3) I am a tactile person. I am a person who likes to have a keyboard when they type or text. I do text, probably not as much as others, but I do text at least a couple of times a day…whoopedeedo I know, but when I do I like the feel of a keyboard. My uncoordinated self would probably screw up the texting function on an Iphone or whatever. There aren’t many smartphones, if any, that have the good ole-fashioned key board anymore.

4) They can be a bit expensive and I would maybe want to switch providers. In our household, I currently have a contract with Sprint. My wife also has Sprint, but we never switched her from her father’s plan. Yes, I know dumb and it has to do with a whole convoluted reasoning with Sprint. The truth is my wife does need an upgrade in her smart phone. However, when I try to go get her an upgrade I can’t do it without her there and if we did we would have to change her number and I would have to do it from the place where the plan is….blah…blah….blah. Anyway, because I still have a contract with Sprint, transferring her over to my plan has proven to be a headache so we just haven’t done it. I would personally like to switch providers to something like a Republic Wireless or other cell-phone provider, but by breaking this contract and acquiring a new phone or two this could run us a bit of money. I have been more focused on paying off debt and other items. So this has certainly been put on the backburner.

5) Perhaps, one of the biggest reasons is I feel a bit sorry for people with smartphones, in some respects. I mean people are on their phones ALL the time. Can you look up people? Talk to one another? I mean I literally have some of my students who will text each other and be sitting right next to one another. Seriously? I guess hit at least three times a week from people walking with their phones, texting, and/or watching videos and not looking where they are going. Even adults with smartphones are addicted. Get your nose out of your phone for pete’s sake. I know that this doesn’t make me cool or anything, but I guess this my small protest about people who are addicted to their phones.

Ultimately, I know I will probably get one. When I was in China I was convinced I needed one. Mrs. ROB and I like to travel and they would be great for when we are abroad and the like. I also admit that Mrs. ROB is probably tired of me using her phone every once in a while while we are at dinner. I guess I just see them as a time suck (although I have plenty of my own), I haven’t ponied up the dough for them yet, and if I did do it I would want to solve Mrs. ROB and I’s situation together so we are at the same carrier.

Of course, I talked before about how investing was like learning a new vocabulary. So are smartphones. I will get one. It is just taking me a bit longer to get there, but I will get there. Until then I know I am a dinosaur, but I am ok with that. You should see my parents…they are much worse.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have a Smart Phone

  1. I am thinking about giving mine up. I didn’t actually have a smart phone until last year I believe. They have some positives like I can take pictures and make videos of my daughter, connect with friends instantly etc, but I don’t really use mine to contact many people. And I notice every month a huge chunk of money is going to the service that I could use elsewhere so I will probably give my iphone to my father. We’ll see. Good luck with whatever you decide. I agree that we need to be more connected. I recently deleted my facebook permanently after eight years. Liberating.

    1. I think that is the biggest thing that I “miss” right away is the ability to share eexperiences and photos in real time. I would like to do that more. That sad, I am not sure what else I would do except for use it to fill time (e.g. between movies). Your action against Facebook seems great and I think more people will do that, just like cutting the cable cord. Cheers.

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