Holiday Hiatus and Guest Posts

Holiday Hiatus and Guest Posts

Well it is the holiday season again and if you are like me you are overwhelmed with family visits, trying to catch up on sleep, and even work. For me, this season is especially stressful because I don’t really get a break. I just drove back from seeing my family in my home state. While it was great to see everyone I felt like I had to cram everyone into a short time frame and really didn’t get to enjoy people’s company.

Now I have a short 48 hour turnaround time before I head out to South Africa (yes I know you are saddened by this). I am taking a bunch of students (along with a colleague) on a study tour of South Africa. We are looking at how South Africans have dealt with the apartheid past in the post-apartheid era. Officially, the study tour is called ‘History, Memory, and Democracy in Post-Apartheid South Africa.’ I love talking, researching, and studying collective memory and this will be my first time attempting it on a student study tour. The trip should be fascinating, but has also proven to be a lot of work putting logistics and the like together (although my colleague has done a much better job at this than I ever could and I am so luck to be working with her). This will be my first time traveling to South Africa so I am looking forward to that. My colleague, whose specialty is South African history, will be the primary lead on this trip. I am going as eye candy (ha, ha).

Because of the holidays and this trip I haven’t had a lot of time to blog and won’t over the next few weeks. So I hope you will forgive me if I fill the time with some guest posts and some old posts that will get revamped for today’s usage.

I promise I will post from South Africa (and this time I have a smart phone to post pictures….woo hoo me). Until then check out this guest post from Jacob Merkley over at Power Over Life, a great personal finance blog that I just started reading. He has a great article on thinking of retirement as a vacation and planning for it. Check it out here:


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  1. You are crazy, you just drove 20+ hours by yourself and then turn around and write a blog post. Only you my dear would do this,only you. Go take a nap!

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