Good News and Bad News

Good News and Bad News

This is going to be a fairly short post, partly because my writing this week has focused on my research so I am a bit pooped. Also, Mrs. ROB and I are heading to Great Britain where I am going to be presenting this research I am working on. I wish I could call it a pleasure cruise or that we can extend it to a vacation, but it is going to be a quick trip because we both have to work. It will be unusual to be celebrating July 4th in the country from which we broke away.

Anyway, this post is about some good news and bad news.

The Good News

First, I was notified that I was promoted. I actually received this news a while back but haven’t shared it on my blog. It comes with a small raise, which is nice. Moreover, getting to full professor is considered to be a pretty nice milestone in my profession. There are countless articles of people who are tenured and promoted to associate professor, but for whatever reason don’t make it to the next level.

Second, I was told by my university that we want to make our study tour to Greece an every year occurrence. I was the first in my department to take students to Greece in 2013 and I haven’t been back since even though we have had two other study tours since then. Now I will alternate every other year. I loved going to Greece and I look forward to going back.

The Bad News

I have written before about the home ownership blues. We have only been in this house less than 3 years, but have our fair share of repairs/replacements. We have added new insulation into the walls; bought, installed, and rewired a new dishwasher; replaced a refrigerator because of a water leak; because of that water leak we had a small mold outbreak in the basement that called for remediation; and updated our electrical panel from 100 to 200 amps because we had too much power going into it. Last night I tried to microwave something and our microwave basically quit on us. We can replace it, but it is over the range microwave so we would probably want to replace the range as well. And if we actually make it a gas range we have to run new piping from our gas furnace to the new range, which will cost us total about $1500-$2000. Plus, we have a bunch of little things we need to get: 1) new bathroom shelving; 2) slipcover for the couch; 3) a new filing cabinet; 4) a new desk chair (I accidentally broke over the arm rests; 5) we want to reglaze the bathtub (and it needs it); 6) plus eventually we will have to replace our water heater (it is about 10 years old or more). All total those items will run us about $5000. Do we have the money? Sort of? I am getting some additional compensation this summer, but we have some additional costs in the near future (a future post coming up).

So I will be getting more money in the future but that raise has been basically flushed down the toilet with these added costs. Fun stuff huh?

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8 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Ah, the joys of home ownership! Being a tenure full professor is a great place to be because you can just say no. Someone asks you to be on a committee? No thank you. Ask you to do more than teach your classes and hold your office hours No thank you. Publish at a break neck pace. No thank you. You can choose to do all of the above, but you don’t have to. That makes it a phenomenal job!

    1. Rod, it is a phenomenal job and you would think that you can just say no, but most of the faculty I know who are tenured that is when the true service begins. Maybe I am just unusual but I have a hard time saying no. Are you going to just say no when you are official in the fall? Tenured faculty, though in some respects do have the position of fuck you.

      1. The point I was saying is that it now becomes more of a choice. Having choice is a nice power to have. I have long term service commitments (2-3 more years) and have P&T committees to serve on this year, so I will be busier for a while. But I now can start being more selective in what I do. I suspect the second half of my career will be more productive than the first half.

  2. Congrats on the promotion! Always awesome to have your work recognized! And sorry about the house, that’s no fun!

    But thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. I wish the raise was bigger, but being promoted to full professor in your early 40s I have heard is not a bad thing. And it isn’t necessarily that unusual at my university, but hey I am not compaining.

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