Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

I am sure that many of you who read this blog will see a number of posts of how one is thankful for the coming holiday season. This post is no different from theirs because I have a lot to be thankful for. So I hope you will indulge me over the next few lines.

First, I am thankful for Mrs. ROB. She adds constant joy in my life. I love her to death. I have loved her for a long-time and can’t think of my life with whatever. Like all couples we have our difficulties, but we try to make it work for us. It is certainly, at times, a struggle, but isn’t that the whole point.

Second, I am thankful for my family. My father, mother, sister, brother, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, two nephews and one niece, Mrs. ROB’s parents and their extended family, make me a happy guy.

Third, I am thankful for my dog Spooner. One of the best decisions we made was to adopt that little guy. I curse him at 5:30am when he wants to go for a walk, but he more than makes up for it.

Fourth, I am thankful for my career. I am one of the lucky 30% of Americans who love their job. Yes, there are issues with students, parents, colleagues, administrators. But every day is different. I get to explore what I want too. I get to have an impact on the lives of hundreds of people per year. I get to travel around the world for work. I get to teach a lot of different subjects. I get to be curious. That is why I think I might never fully retire early. My goal has always been financial independence, compared to others in the personal finance community. Not a bad way to spend one’s life in the pursuit of knowledge and helping others.

Fifth, I am thankful for good friends. The truth is I don’t have a lot of really close friends. I have a lot of casual friends and close acquaintances, but I only have probably four or five good friends. I am thankful for them. They make my life really enjoyable.

Sixth, I am thankful that I will make my personal finance goal of this year. My goal was to pay off 10% of my total debt, which I certainly will have done. I might even get to 11 or 12%. Stay tuned to see what happens.

Seventh, I am thankful I have a home, cars to drive, and food to eat. Yes, I know most people have that, but so many don’t. The more and more time passes I realize that stuff just isn’t important. A lot of it is CRAP. Who cares if I have a new Iphone or new car. I won’t remember that in 20 years, but I will remember the dinner made with family or the trip I took with Mrs. ROB or the concert I went too.

Finally, I am thankful for this blog and the way that it has helped me. This blog and the larger personal finance community has changed my life. It has really made me rethink how I was living. It has made me rethink some basic presumptions we take for granted. It has given me a new passion in helping people invest, get out of debt, and the like. If I could and I might someday I would love to help more people with financial education and literary, particularly for teachers and academics. I mean it is amazing to me how many colleagues I know who have Ph.D.s don’t have any financial knowledge at all. If people can benefit from my experience and my story then I hope it helps because god knows I continue to make mistakes, but I hope I come out of this better on the other side.

I am sure there are things that I am leaving off, but I am finished with my teaching duties before the holiday and it is time to go home. I wish you all the best Thanksgiving holiday and thanks for reading.

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