Future Housing Repairs and Costs

Future Housing Repairs and Costs

Over the past month or so Mrs. ROB and I have been stricken with some bad news. Some of it was certainly very personal and also financial. I wrote about our little water leak and the mold that came with it. We also had to replace our refrigerator as well, which we actually got a deal on (only cost $1000 compared to the 1500 to 2k we were looking to spend).

So over the past three weeks we have gotten a variety of estimates for the following repairs: mold remediation, asbestos tile removal (and we found we had some near our pipes), and demolition to the basement because we wanted to finish our basement. Plus, we estimate we need to spend about $3k on a new electrical panel that our electrician said we needed when we replaced the dishwasher earlier in 2016.

Additionally, we have some junk in the basement that we should have removed, which are big pieces that is difficult for just me to take out of the house….if you saw our basement you would know why. Finally, we need to reglaze our tub. So here is the basic cost estimates I have worked out from these estimates:

  1. Windshield replacement–$250 (one of our cars has a huge crack in the windshield we need to replace)
  2. Mold remediation–$600
  3. Asbestos Tile–$2800
  4. Demolition $4000
  5. Electrical Panel $3000
  6. Tub Reglazing $1000
  7. PGS (IVF) $3-4000
  8. Redo the basement–$40 to 70k estimate

Total repairs–$54,400–$84,400

Well, I don’t know about you, but we don’t have $85000 just laying around. So we will have to do this repairs piecemeal and perhaps none of them at all (I mean we don’t have to refinish the basement). My biggest conundrum is what do we prioritize. Here is what I have come up with so far:

  1. Windshield replacement (will fix the first weekend in November)
  2. Mold Remediation (appointment November 18th)
  3. PGS/IVF costs
  4. Tub reglazing

That will cost us about $5-6000 and I think we can cover that over the next few months.

Then we have to figure out what we need to do from there. We need to fix the electrical panel because it is a potential hazard so hopefully that will be done in the next six months, which brings our home repair costs up to about $10k.

Then we have to decide if we want to do the asbestos tile and demolition in the next year or wait. At the moment I am tempted to wait, but we don’t want it gone. Part of our motivation is because we have found some interesting electrical things in our basement. For example, there is an extension cord strung atop the ceiling that is used to plug in the washer (certainly not to code). We don’t know if there are other hidden gems in the sheetrock above. So we might just end up taking the sheetrock ourselves, expose the ceiling and see if we need to do any work, aside from the panel. Everything else is a luxury.

I have the housing blues….maybe should have continued to rent it might’ve been cheaper.

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