Financial/Medical Update on Mrs. ROB

Financial/Medical Update on Mrs. ROB

Unfortunately this post has to be a bit short as I am about to catch a plane to a conference (yeah….I think). A few months back you might remember me blogging about Mrs. ROB severely fracturing her ankle, almost being out of work, and it potentially causing us some financial misfortune because of insurance issues. Of course nothing is more important than my wife’s health and I will spend every dime I have to make sure she is ok.

So we have gone through the last couple of months of her in a cast (now a boot for another couple of months) and she has some physical therapy that needs to be done, but in general she is pulling through nicely.

A couple of days ago we got the final bill for her medical costs. Her total hospital stay, surgery, etc, came to over $60,000. Nice chunk of change. Because of an insurance snafu I thought that we might be on the hook for 20% of those charges.

As it turns out it all worked out. My benefits administrator was a ROCKSTAR! Got it all figured out and Mrs. ROB was covered by our insurance to the tune of EVERYTHING except our $500 family deductible.

Out of all of those medical costs it only cost us $500.

And because we have one of those flex spending plans the bill (which I already paid) will be covered with before tax dollars. It is almost like I am writing off her accident on my taxes.

I highly recommend doing one of those flex spending accounts or if you can a Health Savings Account. The flex spending account has saved us on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, a good chunk of the money is gone because of Mrs. ROB’s medical bills and some of my dental bills, but all we have to pay our co-pays for her physical therapy and follow-up appointments.

In the end this certainly didn’t set us back financially and the most important thing is that Mrs. ROB is on the mend.

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