Financial Independence Explained by the Music of Dewey Cox

Financial Independence Explained by the Music of Dewey Cox

One of the most underrated comedies, in my opinion, of the last 10 years is a biopic parody called Walk Hard: The Story of Dewey Cox. It is a parody of films like Walk the Line and Ray. At the end of the movie, Dewey sings his epic song “Beautiful Ride.” If you add a replace a couple of words in their about the subject of money Dewey essentially gets what financial independence is all about, particularly this line:

“Cause when all is said and done, when youth is all spent and burn, you’ll see that it’s all about music, flower, babies, sharing the good times, traveling not just for business, accepting your mortality this is finally what I have learned.”

I think that lines summarizes what a lot of people who strive financial independence have realized. It isn’t about accumulating stuff, the biggest house, the most clothes, expensive jewelry, etc. The most precious commodity is time and that is what financial independence can give people: more time to do the things that they want.

So with that here is

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