A New Dishwasher or Maybe Need to Rethink Home Ownership

A New Dishwasher or Maybe Need to Rethink Home Ownership

Last night Mrs. ROB and I had a not so fun discovery and experience. When I got home from work I was cleaning out the dishwasher and noticed that the dishes weren’t very clean. Seeing this I told Mrs. ROB that I should run the dishwasher again. She said well maybe we should clean out the dishwasher and filter.

That was both a good and bad idea. I knew that we needed to clean the inside of the dishwasher, but as got down into the filter we noticed how truly disgusting it was. The inside of our dishwasher had a lovely helping of mold on it.

Now we had cleaned the dishwasher before, but I don’t think we ever got deep into that filter. Considering we have only been in the house about a year the amount of mold in the dishwasher led me to surmise that this hadn’t been cleaned in a long while, like long before we bought the house.

The mold was absolutely disgusting. We could’ve probably tried to clean it and maybe would’ve been successful, but it looked like went down into the hoses as well. Considering that and the age of the dishwasher we decided to get a new one.

Unfortunately because money is a little short right now (it always is in January and June) I put the dishwasher on my Best Buy credit card. I don’t actually have the card, but the account is still open and they were offering 18 month finance and no interest (I plan on paying it off next month). So we have a new dishwasher to the tune of about $750, but according to our friend who works as an appliance sales manager it is one that will last us a good long while.

So remember last week when I said I loved home ownership. Today, not so much. Mrs. ROB had a good laugh at the post and at me. I need to stop tempting the financial gods because they will come back to bite me.

I am not sure if we reacted too hastily in buying a new dishwasher and trying to clean the old one, but too late now. At least we have a new one. Today, I can say I wished we lived in our old apartment.

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  1. The fridge crapped out exactly one month after we bought our condo. The microwave went this year. I fully expect the dw and stove to go next-hopefully in succession and not simultaneously. I’m more hopeful that the washer and dryer will last longer b/c they’re fancy brands. The condo was 11 years old when we bought it, so I happily thank our lucky stars that the ac unit and the furnace haven’t yet crapped (entirely) out on us yet. We did have a $400 bill for replacement of something on the a/c system in the summer of 2014. And something on the furnace recently needed replacing as well–under $400. I recall liking renting for these reasons as well-I never took it for granted when I was a renter. But I have no expectation that owning a house will be a financial investment that pays – I hope we break even eventually financially. But I already feel ahead in terms of loving where we live and liking that we’re not beholden to a landlord. Though I think of increased taxes and condos as normal increases in rent. I don’t think of house ownership as really owning anything-I sort of think of it as renting from the bank–and when that’s done–there will always be r.e. taxes and you can’t take anything with you when you go anyway. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Renting from the bank is not a bad way to think about it. I just wish the bank would come and fix those things free of charge or give the money back to us in the mortgage. Ah the joys of home ownership.

  3. Well, just take the long view. If you keep renting an apartment, the rent keeps increasing (esp. in some markets) and at the end, when you are ready to retire, you have nothing to sell. At least with a house, you can sell it when you retire and move to wherever you want to live (or stay). Over time, I don’t think real estate is the best investment, but you do have to live somewhere. I think it’s best NOT to buy the most expensive place that you can afford. Instead, buy below your means and put the rest of the money into other investments.

    Yes, home ownership is a pain in the neck. Home-moaners should try to set aside a little bit of contingency money for situations just like this. If it’s not the dishwasher, it’ll be something else…sometime.

    1. Yes Tom I am a home-moaner and I am proud of it. But you are right a little bit of a fund for this kind of thing will work. I mean technically we have the money, but with our impending tax bill (I think we will owe the government again) I was hoping to not exhaust those funds. See you Friday.

  4. We had to buy a new dishwasher last year. While it hurt to pay for it, I do love it. We never used the old one because it didn’t clean the dishes. Now, we use the dishwasher all the time. Well mostly me. I hate washing the dishes!!!

    1. I can’t wait until they finally install it. This is our third go around. And I hate washing them as well. Thanks for reading.

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