A Blogoversary Thank You

A Blogoversary Thank You

I should’ve done this about a month ago, but I forgot, but please forgive me for that. Well, it is my blogoversary. 7 months ago I started this blog thinking that no one would read it and that I am wasting my time.

I still sometimes think I am wasting my time; what insight do I have to help someone out with their finances; no one reads my blog or cares; I could be doing something else; blogging takes too much time, etc, etc.

However, I fully admit I have enjoyed writing a personal finance blog and plan on continuing to do so. I have even have a few more goals for the blog:

1) I would like to make it a little bit nicer…maybe pay for one of those blog themes to make it a bit more slick and professional looking.

2) I would love to somehow monetize the blog in some way. I do have ads on the blog, but I don’t make any money off of them. And that is ok. I don’t do this for the money. In fact, this blog costs me money to run, but I enjoy doing it and it saves Mrs. ROB from hearing my rants.

3) I would love to go to FINCON which is a financial conference held every year for personal finance bloggers. I would love to beat other bloggers out there who are going through similar items and get advice from them on the journey to financial independence. I just wish I would’ve had their wisdom over 10 years ago.

4) I hope people will continue to read what I have to say. It isn’t the most groundbreaking in the world. In fact, if you just look around what I am saying is said by others. But for whatever reason we don’t discuss it, don’t want to learn, etc. I am not saying everyone, but we would rather talk about how many players that are going to the NBA from the Kentucky Wildcats than about personal finance, which has a much greater effect on our future.

Bottom Line

All I can say is thank you. Over the past 7 months I have had almost 6000 page views and I hope more of you will stop by. I have heard some great comments from people and try to reply to everyone.

I hope you will keep reading, commenting, and maybe even guest posting (hint, hint). Thank you for visiting.

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